Sa invatam sa crosetam si sa tricotam

Sa invatam sa crosetam si sa tricotam

Crosetatul si tricotatul sunt indeltniciri foarte vechi.

Modelele sunt concepute sau preluate de la batranii nostri si se adreseaza tuturor persoanelor cu experienta in arta crosetatului si tricotatului dar mai ales incepatorilor.


miercuri, 6 septembrie 2017

Baby Cardigan Pattern

Baby Cardigan Pattern

Size: 24 months.
Finished Measurements:  24” chest circumference

Gauge: 6 stitches and 8 rows = 1” in stockinette
- Circular or straight needles, size 3.75 mm Double-pointed needles, size 3.75 mm (optional) ;
- Sport weight yarn : MC (300-450 yards), secondary colors A (less than 100 yards), B, and C (less than 50 yards each) ;
MC= light brown
 A= blue
B=navy blue
C= red
- Two stitch holders.;
- zipper;
- Tapestry needle;

Abbreviations used in this pattern:

m1 (make one stitch (one increase)): my favorite way to make a stitch is to lift up and knit the right leg of the stitch one row below the stitch on the left needle.  Another option is to pick up the bar between stitches and knit it through the back loop.

 K = knit
P = purl
RS = right side
WS = wrong side
PM = place marker
SSK = slip two stitches knitwise, then knit these two stitches together through the back loops
K2tog = knit two stitches together

With MC, cast on 85 stitches. 
Work 7 rows of k1, p1 ribbing. 
Work one row purl. Switch to A and work two rows stockinette. In next row, increase  20 stitches evenly across row as follows: k 4, *m1, k 4, rep. from * 18 times, m1, k 5.   ( 105 st.) 
Work 1 more row stockinette. In next row, increase 28 stitches evenly across row as follows: k 12, *m1, k3, rep. from * 26 times, m1, k 12.   ( 133) st. 
In next RS row, divide for sleeves as follows: 
knit to first marker, place stitches between first and second markers on a holder or piece of scrap yarn, knit to third marker, place stitches between third and fourth markers on a holder or piece of scrap yarn, knit to end. 
You can drop the markers in this row.  
Continue body in stockinette until it measures  11 inches from cast-on. 
Then work 12 rows of k1, p1 rib and bind off. 
Place one sleeve’s stitches back on needles and rejoin MC yarn. 
Work back-and-forth or in the round.  
If you work back-and-forth, cast on one selvedge stitch at each side to use for seaming up later. 
Work 12 rows stockinette. 
In next row/round (RS), k1, ssk, work to 3 stitches before end, k2tog, k1. 
Work 11 more rows/rounds. 
Repeat these 12 rows/rounds 3 more times. 
Work  8 more rows/rounds stockinette. 
Sleeve should be  7 inches from armpit. 
If it is not, continue in stockinette until it is.  
In next row/round, *k4, k2tog, repeat from * to end.  
Work 8 rows k1, p1 rib and bind off. 
Repeat with other sleeve. 

Sew openings under sleeves. 

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